The Program You Can Trust

To offer the authentic Northwest Territories experience to clients, your best place to look is the list of Canadian Signature Experiences.

The program has been very successful in driving inquiries, bookings and media coverage for members.

Work with operators you can trust

Tour operators on this list are vetted by Destination Canada and Northwest Territories Tourism (NWTT) along strict quality criteria so you can be confident you're giving your clients travel experiences that are uniquely NWT. And they can't get that anywhere else.

You can trust the operator to deliver whenever you see the Canadian Signature Experience logo on their site.

Offer the best experiences for your clients

A company must meet strict criteria to be qualified for the Canadian Signature Experience program.

Offering a CSE experience in a travel package means you'll be offering an experience that meets a high standard of quality.

  • Must have been in business for at least 2 years
  • Have a functional, up to date website with clear call to action for sales
  • Operate internationally or participate in targeted international marketing initiatives in one of Destination Canada's markets
  • Must be export-ready
  • Be the owner, provider and deliverer of the travel experience, and the point of sales for customers
  • Have rights-free, high-resolution images of the proposed Signature Experience

Support from Northwest Territories Tourism and Destination Canada

It can be a challenge working with and marketing experiences offered by small, local operators especially when there are big companies competing for the attention of your clients.

Northwest Territories Tourism is an expert at working with local operators and can help you deal with small businesses that might not have experience working with large companies.

That's why we help walk them through the process of offering their experiences as part of your package, negotiating commissions and finding the package best suited for their experience.

At any point you can call on us for knowledge about the region or to troubleshoot an issue with delivering an experience. We have a wealth of expertise you can tap into.

Suppliers that work with you

The best advocates for travel experiences are the tourism suppliers themselves.

DC and NWTT often partner on marketing, media and sales initiatives to bring exposure to Canadian Signature Experiences directly to key markets in Canada and abroad.

This includes helping operators with photos, video and text for their marketing materials and training them on media best practices to help grow their online presence.

We assist our operators to drive positive reviews, social shares and stories that drive interest and sales. You can trust they're doing their part to promote their businesses.