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Ready to Showcase the NWT

At NWT Tourism we appreciate that you are making a significant investment in selling any travel destination to your client. We know that it is vital that you work with respected and established businesses that offer quality experiences and that they understand and provide wholesale rates to the various tour companies they sell their products to including travel agents, tour wholesalers, receptive tour operators, and online travel agencies.

While there are many tourism businesses in the Northwest Territories that provide experiences and/or offer travel services, not all of them are trade-ready. In an effort to increase the number of local tourism businesses that are trade ready, the Government of the Northwest Territories and our regional partners from across Canada's North have established a Business, Market, and Trade Ready program that provides training and support to assist local tourism businesses to become ready to sell their products to the travel trade.


Travel Trade Ready Operators

Visit the SpectacularNWT Trade Ready Operators Listing to see which companies have met the standards to be approved to work with the travel trade.

If in your dealings with any of our trade ready tour operators you feel that they are not upholding these standards, please reach out to us and we will meditate on your behalf.