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  1. Concerning copyright: All text and images are copyrighted and are used by permission. All rights are reserved, and written permission is required for the re-use or re-purposing of any materials in any media, digital or otherwise.
  2. All tourism operator information is provided by and maintained by the operators themselves. Northwest Territories Tourism (NWTT) accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of this information.
  3. NWTT is likewise not to be held liable for any arrangements, actions or inactions on the part of its operators. NWTT is simply a Destination Marketing Organization whose mandate it is to provide a venue for these operators to offer their services, and does not endorse any operators or products that appear on this site.
  4. All information provided on this website is as timely and accurate as our sources allow, some of which are external sites, books and other sources of information. We are not responsible for any errors and omissions. We advise potential visitors to contact operators, visitor centres, and other sources of local information for up-to-date information before making any arrangements.
  5. Concerning privacy: This website gathers basic information from its visitors based upon IP and web browser information, such as general location and platform used. Any private information provided to this website, such as through the Contact Form, is tightly controlled, and no information is shared with third parties outside NWTT and its designated agencies without consent.
  6. Any personal contact information provided by users of this site to NWTT as part of a user’s request for information, including newsletters, will be kept by NWTT only for the purpose of providing the information in response to a request. NWTT will track types of enquiries and origination of enquiry; however, only in cases where NWTT has been given permission will it maintain personal information for market research or marketing purposes. This is in accordance with Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL).
  7. The site and several of its subsites have enabled Google's Advertising Features, which allows it to work alongside the DoubleClick service to learn more about our visitors. We share no personally identifiable information with DoubleClick. If you choose you may opt out of having your general information tracked by this and most other web advertising services by changing your browser settings. See your browser's help file for more information.