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Spectacular Sights. Endless Adventure.

The Northwest Territories is a bucket list destination, offering unique experiences and providing memories that will last a lifetime. From viewing the most vibrant Aurora, paddling down the most pristine rivers, standing above towering waterfalls, hiking through national parks larger than many sovereign nations, to catching trophy-sized fish, our territory offers an abundance of adventure and sets the stage for sharing epic stories with your friends and family when you return back home.


Aurora Viewing

The Aurora Borealis, often referred to as the Northern Lights, are best seen in the Northwest Territories. Because of our position directly under the Aurora oval, clear crisp nights, and wide-open spaces, the Aurora is visible over 240 nights a year. Known as the Aurora capital of the world, the city of Yellowknife is the main hub for aurora viewing activities, offering a variety of ways to experience nature's greatest light show. Viewing options include a visit to the iconic Aurora Village, an evening adventure to a cozy cabin, and Aurora hunting via dogsled or snowmobile or from the comforts of a wilderness lodge.


Endless Fun Under the Midnight Sun

The summer is a perfect time to visit the Northwest Territories. With the long days of daylight, the territory is abuzz with activity well into the morning. The summer solstice brings 20 full hours of daylight to the southern half of the territory, with the regions further north enjoying 24 hours of daylight for several months. During this time you will find countless festivals, concerts, outdoor adventures activities, community markets, people dining on outdoor patios, and generally getting out in nature to soak up the splendours of summer. There is so much to keep you busy, you will have to remember to take time to sleep.


Authentic Indigenous Culture

The Northwest Territories is home to a thriving Indigenous community representing a wide range of cultures and traditions of the  Dene, Inuvialuit and Metis. The territory boasts 11 official languages, nine of which are Indigenous. Here you can learn the wisdom of Indigenous storytelling handed down through generations and engage with the history and culture of the people who have called this place home since time immemorial. A number of Indigenous-owned and operated businesses offer a wide range of authentic Indigenous experiences creating the perfect opportunity to see the Northwest Territories from the perspective of the people who know it best.


One with Nature

Known for being one of the largest pristine wilderness areas in Canada, the Northwest Territories boast six national parks and over 30 territorial parks, wilderness areas, and wildlife sanctuaries. The wide-open spaces and varied landscapes provide the perfect opportunity for wildlife viewing, bird watching, camping, golfing, photography, scenic plane rides, on-the-land experiences, or simply communing with nature. Our pristine rivers provide some of the best paddling adventures in the world - from thundering rapids to peaceful lakes and streams, adventure awaits for every skill level. The vastness of the Northwest Territories, coupled with our sparse population will leave you feeling that you are one of the first people to ever visit these spectacular destinations and eager to explore your surroundings.


Hooked On Fishing

The Northwest Territories is an anglers' paradise. Our pristine lakes and rivers are teeming with fish, many of which are trophy-sized. Whether you are planning a getaway to a wilderness lodge with family or friends, head out on a guided tour for an afternoon, or simply cast your line from a sun-baked shoreline, there are plenty of opportunities for adventure. Whether you plan to fly fish for Arctic Grayling, lure a Northern Pike, troll for trout, tempt an Arctic Char, or try your hand at the unique experience of ice fishing, there is an abundance of fish eager to take the bait. Be sure to add a traditional shore lunch to top off your amazing angling experience.


Taking the Scenic Route

One of the best ways to explore the Northwest Territories is by driving our scenic highways and roads. These iconic routes take you through the scenic wilderness and connect you with the quaint, friendly communities that are scattered throughout the region. The southern routes pass by a series of lakes, rivers and breathtaking waterfalls and provide the perfect opportunity to spot bison, moose, bears and foxes to name a few. The northern route features the legendary Dempster Highway that connects Dawson City with Inuvik and the recently opened Inuvik-Tuktoyaktuk highway has officially connected Canada from coast-to-coast-to-coast. A series of well-maintained campgrounds and day-use areas are located along these scenic routes providing the perfect opportunity to explore and to rest up for the adventures that await you.


Small Town Charm with Larger City Amenities

With a population of approximately 20,000, the city of Yellowknife is a vibrant community with a friendly vibe. Regardless of what time of year you visit, there is always lots to keep you busy and entertained. Here you will find comfortable accommodations, unique dining and shopping experiences, and an assortment of day tours and overnight adventures to keep you busy. The city hosts a variety of festivals and events throughout the year. The city's unique culinary scene includes a local brewery, international themed restaurants, family dining, pub-style grub, fine dining and the opportunity to sample a variety of tasty treats at the weekly farmers' market that operates throughout the summer.


Unique Shopping

A visit to any community in the Northwest Territories provides the opportunity for a unique shopping experience. Local gift shops and retail stores feature authentic arts and crafts made locally by skilled artisans dedicated to their craft. Locally made products include clothing, jewellery, furs, paintings, carvings, northern apparel, souvenirs, and a wide selection of Canadian diamonds - mined right here in the NWT.