Why sell Northwest Territories experiences?

Where do we start? The Northwest Territories is a spectacular place filled with sights, sounds and experiences hard to find anywhere else. Our goal at Travel Trade is to make it easy to offer our experiences in your catalogue.

We're confident your clients will get an experience they could have never imagined — and that's what they're looking for.

Northwest Territories Tourism will help you customize packages and walk you through a business relationship with our tour operators.

The Northwest Territories offers truly once-in-a-lifetime experiences that travelers can't get anywhere else.

7 Reasons why you'll love selling the Northwest Territories

1. It's a booming tourism hotspot

We're the centre of the Canadian north, so it gets cold. The Northwest Territories, however, is a hot commodity on the tourism market and it's growing every year. In 2018-2019, tourism brought in $210.3 million to the economy.

The aurora-viewing sector by itself contributed $67.7 million. The total number of visitors went up as well, with 120, 130 people visiting in April 2018-April 2019. A 7% increase from the previous year, and it's projected to keep growing.

2. Direct flights from major hubs

Daily direct flights to Yellowknife operate year round from Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver. Seaonally, flights from Ottawa and Whitehorse are also offered. Major airlines that service the NWT include Air Canada, WestJet, Air North and Canadian North. 

This means travelers can get to Yellowknife quicker and pay less for plane tickets, making the Northwest Territories attractive to more travelers. Especially for those whom cost is a major factor.

3. Big investments in infrastructure

Tourism is a key industry in NWT and the territory knows it. That's why there's growing support for operators and partnerships in the pipeline between public and private stakeholders to deliver outstanding experiences to visitors.

Over the next 5 years, $15.5 million will be invested in programs to make cultural and adventure experiences better for visitors.

4. The Spectacular NWT Brand

NWT is truly a spectacular place. Spectacular NWT is a recognized brand that continues to grow. Our brand encourages visitors to immerse themselves in a world of multi-sensory experiences that are suprising and rejuvenating, even transformational. Our people are friendly, hospitable and great storytellers. Like the land they live in, they are quirky, honest and full of surprises. 

5. A Record-breaking land

Our land can be extreme. Titanic fish swim in our lakes drawing fishermen in search of world-class trophies they can brag to their friends about. The biggest Lake Trout ever caught (72 lbs!) was caught in Great Bear Lake.

We have huge national parks that stretch over thousands of kilometers, much of which has yet to be explored by people.

6. Endless Experiences

Few places offer so many different experiences year-round as the Northwest Territories. Summer and winter adventures here will suit the needs of virtually every traveler.

It's the best place to see the phantasmal auroras – 240 days out of the year – through the clearest skies in Canada. Tour operators can take travelers on foot, snowmobile or dogsled so every aurora viewing offers a different experience every time.

7. Travel Trade Support

Working with smaller or inexperienced operators can be a challenge. We can go into smaller communities and deal with local operators for you.

We'll guide you into a relationship with the tour operator, and walk them through the process of offering their experiences in your package.

We'll also troubleshoot any issues so you can focus on providing the best travel experiences to your clients.

Why work with Travel Trade?

Think of us as your translator. Northwest Territories Tourism is the destination marketing organization that works with you and local suppliers to build fruitful business relationships. We'll help you look good for your clients.

A quick glance at what we offer:

  • Photos, videos and other marketing materials for promotions
  • Travel itineraries and guides
  • Translated materials in several popular languages e.g. Chinese, Japanese and Korean
  • Access to resources and information so you can become an expert on our experiences
  • Find out which experiences are the best fit for your packages
  • List of operators and introductions to local businesses

We'll be your partner in tourism.