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Want to experience the Northwest Territories for yourself?

As a way of showcasing our export-ready products to the travel trade, NWT Tourism typically hosts a number of familiarization tours (FAM tours) each year. While we have been unable to do so over the last year and a half as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we hope to be offering them again in the near future.

FAM tours showcase the spectacular activities, attractions, facilities and services available in the NWT. You'll quickly become an expert after seeing our beautiful sights and meeting the wonderful people that call this place home. Like all other Destination Marketing Organizations across Canada, we have established criteria that guides which tour companies we prioritize when hosting FAM tours.

This includes:

  • Your tour company is currently selling a Northwest Territories experience(s) as part of your product offerings
  • Your tour company is actively marketing the Northwest Territories as part of your overall promotional campaigns

Get in touch with us and see where you'll fit into our program. We're typically booked one year in advance, so please contact us in plenty of time. We consider all opportunities and encourage you to apply.