Who should apply?

We encourage businesses that sell a unique travel experience and are doing business internationally to apply to the Canadian Signature Experiences (CSE) program.

We are looking for a range of Canadian visitor experiences that will entice international travellers to choose Canada over competing destinations. The experiences must exemplify Canada's tourism brand and engage travellers with the culture, people or geography in ways that are authentic and memorable.

The program gives qualifying tourism businesses a chance to reach key international audiences by way of Destination Canada marketing, media and sales activities that cover 11 markets.

CSE Program Criteria

To be eligible for the Canadian Signature Experiences program, a company must:

  1. Deliver a travel experience that meets the definition of a Canadian Signature Experience
  2. Have been in operation for a minimum of two years, delivering travel experiences
  3. Have a website with a clear call to action for sales
  4. Do business internationally, or be actively invested in targeted international marketing activities in one of Destination Canada’s target markets
  5. Be working with the travel trade and meet the nationally accepted ()
  6. Be the owner, provider and deliverer of the travel experience, and the point of sales for customers
  7. Have rights-free, high-resolution images of the proposed Signature Experience

Think you meet our CSE Program Criteria? Take the Pre-qualifying Quiz to find out if your company is ready to be part of the CSE program.

For more information on the program application process, refer to the full ().