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Canada ranks among the top country brands on the planet. And that's good news for your business.

Travellers today seek engagement. They want to be immersed in the Canadian experience, to feel joy and wonder and exhilaration, to explore our beautiful landscape and live a life that's a little north of normal.

The Northwest Territories isn't just pretty to look at; visitors here can taste the full range of Canadian traditions and adventures.

Offering a Canadian Signature Experience in your package is the best way to deliver a true Canadian experience to your clients.

What is a Canadian Signature Experience?

Destination Canada's Canadian Signature Experiences (CSE) are once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences found only in Canada.

They're uniquely Canadian and offered by professional tour operators chosen for meeting the high standards of the Canadian Signature Experience program.

Northwest Territories Tourism and Destination Canada have partnered to co-host the most authentic and memorable experiences the Northwest Territories has to offer.

What makes a Canadian Signature Experience special?

Not everyone can become a Canadian Signature Experience member.

Only unique experiences hosted by reliable operators who do business internationally are eligible.

Experiences are vetted by Northwest Territories Tourism and Destination Canada to be unique, engaging and fulfilling tourism experiences.

Okay, I'm sold. Show me.

Check out the Northwest Territories Canadian Signature Experiences.